Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

School tour and Automotive Technology shop tour

Part of Lesson Plan: School Tour and Auto Shop Tour (updated) by James Lane

Activity Overview / Details

I will take the students on a tour of the entire campus.  As we walk, I will explain to each team and individual students the importance of time management and class location as it related to business practices and basic work ethic. Knowing the location of and the time needed to get to the student's employment and to be to class on time is important. This relates to the auto shop as a viable business. I will take the students to the different class locations. Finally, all students will learn each location, including the storage container and its contents, proper parking locations and the security of vehicles in the gated area.


Assessment Types:
Demonstrations, Observations,
As we walk to campus I will ask questions of the student teams to check for learning and to make sure that each student knows where the automotive technology wing is located in relation to each student’s individual class schedule.

Materials / Resource

  • School Map.pdf School Map.pdf [ Download ] Natomas High School campus map