Lesson Plan Industry Sector

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: steve nagle

Weekly Log Sheet (updated) by Steve Nagle

Part of Unit: Classroom/Lab Management Procedures

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

The Weekly Log Sheet is designed to keep track of student activities and expose students to workplace expectations of communicating activities they have completed during the week.  Easy to grade and easy to fill out, it trains students to be organized and communicates with the teacher what work has been completed.

In addition, writing skills and organization skills are reinforced.

Like a time card, the use of a time clock makes this seem more like industry.

Lesson Time

one class session
45 Minutes


Students will properly fill out Weekly Log Sheets

Activities in this Lesson

  • Log sheet Demo / Modeling

    This lesson should be used at the beginning of the school year.  It will also be needed as students add the class during the school year.

    The Weekly Log Sheet is the communication link between the employee and the employer. 

    Industry demands clear, concise, timley communication verfying work completed.  Many technicians are paid for work completed (flat rate), not hourly.

    This document communicates the work you have done during a specific week.

    Because there are many classes, it is most important that your class period is noted in the upper left hand corner of the document.

    Your name must be written in the upper right hand corner.  Please use your full name making sure it is easy to read.  Points (10) points will be deducted for partial or hard to read names.

    Please print the class title in the center field. Points (10 points) will be deducted if this is left blank.

    Because our school has a block schedule, alternating days will be filled out.

    Make sure each entry is concise yet reflects specific detail of the work performed.

       Example, "Worked in the shop" is not an acceptable entry.

                        "Worked on chapter" is not an acceptable entry.

    See examples of Weekly Log Sheets.  Notice how one is much more specific than the other.

    Each day the time clock must verify the time and date of each entry.

    On the back side of the Weekly Log sheet, I have students write the "Weekly Inspiration," which is changed each week and is written on the Classroom board.

    Below the Inspiration is the weekly summary.  Details of work done during the week is recorded.

    As you can see, I have added a section at the bottom of the back for vocabulary words. 

    Additional information may be tailored for individual classroom needs or expectations.

    Resources and Materials


Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Journals,

Weekly log sheet Grading Rubric

Total maximum points- 50

Front side- 25 points

       I deduct 10 points for each

        *missing name

        *missing date

        *missing class title

Log Sheet grade is 25% of total Class grade

        * weak entry

Back page

       I deduct 10 points

       *missing Inspiration

       *missing summary