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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Good information can make your day!

Part of Lesson Plan: Vehicle Service Information (updated) by Eli Jaramillo

Activity Overview / Details

Materials needed:

  • Whiteboard:  (Write the following)  Service and repair information
  • Worksheet:  Service Information Basics
  • PowerPoint presentation:  Vehicle Service Information 
  • Wiring diagram:  Any one you may have handy


This will be a short introduction to the topic for the lesson.  Students will be asked to share some scenarios of what might happen if correct service information wasn't used when performing vehicle service and repairs.  Then the instructor will lead the students through a review of the worksheet Service Information Basics  they filled in at the start of class.


Instructor Note:  As students walk in, have them pick up the worksheet Service Information Basics  and start working on it while you're taking roll.  This is an ungraded worksheet that will be used for discussion.  It will help get the students settled and in tune with the topic for the lesson.

(Slide #1):  Instructor:  " 'Fixed right first time' starts with good service information.  That will be our theme for the day."

(Slide #2):  Instructor:  "Correct vehicle repair depends heavily on good service and repair information.  This slide shows how our lesson will play out."

Instructor:  "Most of you know at least the basics of how cars work.  But there are certain systems on the vehicle that require more than just a basic knowledge.  You may need certain bearing clearance specifications.  Or maybe you're troubleshooting a condition that has electronics and wiring involved that requires wiring diagram usage.  How do you approach a situation like that?"

Instructor:  "Additionally, if you don't have good service information, it could mean the difference between a good or bad repair job.  I'd like to hear from a few of you:  Give some examples of using incorrect vehicle specifications or information and what might be the outcome.   (Lead the class in this discussion by asking for volunteers to answer this question:  You are looking for examples such as wrong oil change information, incorrect lubricants, wrong tightening torque, wrong vehicle year, etc.).

Instructor:  "Based on our discussion, I think we all understand the importance of accurate service information.  When service information isn't looked up and used properly, the ultimate outcome will likely be negative.  The importance of correct and appropriate service and repair information can't be emphasized enough.  It could have an effect on other related vehicle systems.  It will most likely affect customer satisfaction relations with the technician or the business.  It could even lead to legal risk and possible litigation.  Yes, maybe worst case scenario.  But it's happened!"

 Instructor:   "So at the end of today's lesson, you will understand how to retrieve and interpret vehicle service information specific to the vehicle you're working on.  This will help to ensure "fixed right the first time."

Instructor:  Any questions to this point?

Instructor:  "You were given a worksheet when you walked into class today: Service Information Basics.  You were asked to match up words and descriptions.  With that sheet in front of you, we'll go through it as a basic foundation for our lesson today.

Instructor note:  At this time, lead the students through the worksheet with a short discussion for each of the answers.

Instructor:  "So with that short background, we're going to move on.  Today this lesson will equip you with the knowledge of how to retrieve and use service information in both electronic and hard-copy format.  You'll understand the importance of information/specifications look-up and use as pertains to a vehicle fixed right the first time. 

Instructor:  (Hold up a wiring diagram):  "You'll also have opportunity to use a vehicle wiring diagram including interpreting symbols.  Finally, we'll give you time to trace a circuit using a wiring diagram.  You'll be on your way to being an expert!"

Materials / Resource

  • Service Information Basics Service Information Basics [ Download ] Student worksheet
  • PowerPoint(2)Vehicle.Service.Information.ppt Vehicle Service Information [ Download ] PowerPoint presentation used by Instructor during lecture.