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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Introduction to measurements

Part of Lesson Plan: Measurements and Mathematics (updated) By Michael Drouin

Activity Overview / Details

I use this to start down the road to precision measurement. I talk about how we will need to be able to take measurements that will be one third the size of a hair (usually get a laugh as I point to my some what balding head).

Then I show them some of the instruments we use. I show then a micrometer, dial caliper, and a dial indicator, and then I pull out a 6"steel ruler from my top pocket. I tell them that you will probably find one in most technician's tool boxes and it is still of some use.

If you were at a junk yard and wanted a Chevy 350 small block, I can use it to separate the 350's from the 305's and 307's that nobody wants. I walk to a couple of blocks (position prior to the class) and, using the ruler, I check the bore. "This one is 3 7/8"-- no good. This one is 3 7/8"-- no good."  I make sure that the students can clearly see me lay the ruler across the bore and take the reading. Then I come to the one that measures 4", this is the one I want. I tell students that when we get done today, they will be able to make simple measurements down to 1/16th of an inch.