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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Hamburgers to Hot Dogs

Part of Lesson Plan: Measurements and Mathematics (updated) By Michael Drouin

Activity Overview / Details

I tell students, "We are going to make a visual aid that will help you understand what each of the tick marks on the ruler mean."

I put an overhead up of a section of a ruler, then hand each student a blank piece of paper. I say, "Take your piece of paper and hold it up, hamburger way, not hot dog way (wide across the top).  Now take the two corners bring then together then with one swift movement crease the center line. Before opening it, I ask What have we done? Let them answer a bit, then tell them we have divided the one into two and unfold the paper. Show them the two sections. Now take your pencil draw a line 2/3 the way down the creased line. Now label it as one is now two. I draw a picture of the paper on the board, draw the creased line down the middle and label it 1/2.