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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Read the measurements

Part of Lesson Plan: Measurements and Mathematics (updated) By Michael Drouin

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Then I hand out the work sheet. I also have the first couple on the overhead to guide them through the first couple of problems. I ask them, how many complete inches do you see? O.K., how many tick marks? Some one will say seven (or what ever the answer is) then I go to the board and count seven tick marks on my visual aid and come up with the fraction. Do a couple then you really have to walk around and check each students work most really struggle and will need help. At the conclusion of this session we will review all of the information to see how much they have retained. I will then let the students know that we will continue this discussion and review the material until they understand it.


  • Test on Reading a Ruler.pdf Test on Reading a Ruler.pdf [ Download ]


Assessment Types:
Demonstrations, Observations, handout
During this time I will monitor the students progress and assist them if needed. I will read the worksheets to determine if they have an understanding of the material.