Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Modeling the lab

Part of Lesson Plan: Using taps to cut metric and standard threads (updated) by Ramon C. Iniguez

Activity Overview / Details

1. Hand out the lab sheets and have students follow along wih their lab sheet as you demonstrate the lab.

2. All personnel involved in the demonstration must wear proper PPE.

3. Demonstrate using a tape measure and common hand tools to cut the metal according to the lab sheet.

4. Stop occasionally and ask the students what the next step is.

5. Demonstrate the use of electric drill and drill bits to drill the holes on the metal.

5. Demonstrate how to properly use the tap. Point out the importance of turning the tap counterclockwise to drop metal fragments that can cause damage to the threads that were just cut..

6. Q&A: Answer questions that the students may have and clarify any areas of the lab that the students are unsure of.

7. Explain how you want the lab to flow.  For example, where to get the materials and tools, as well as limits and expectations.

8. Assess their progress as they work on the lab.

Materials / Resources

  • Materials list tap lab.doc Materials list tap lab.doc [ Download ] Contains list of tools and a picture of some of the tools.