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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Over or underpaid? keep it honest and accurate.

Part of Lesson Plan: Introduction to BAR "Write it Right" video and procedures (updated) by David Espinoza

Activity Overview / Details

I will explain how critical it is to be 100 percent accurate when filling out and completing a repair order. I will inform the students that overcharging the customer is just as unethical as undercharging the customer. Overcharging the customer will either cause a loss of a customer or a customer complaint in which either case would be detrimental to the business. Undercharging the customer is like taking money from the business.  By being honest and accurate, the customer will be most appreciative and most likely return for further business. The old saying is, "If a customer is happy with the service this is good, but if the customer is unhappy, they will probably tell at least 10 people about it," which would hurt the business.