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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Repair order demonstration

Part of Lesson Plan: Introduction to BAR "Write it Right" video and procedures (updated) by David Espinoza

Activity Overview / Details

I will post a blank repair order on the Smart Board and start adding information onto it. I will have the students give suggestions on what type of information is needed and where it needs to be on the repair order. I will utilize AllData on the Smart Board to find labor times and parts prices for a basic oil change for a vehicle.

We will then discuss how to use multiplication to convert the labor time to an actual dollar amount. We will do the same to figure out the taxes on the parts that are going to be used. I will show the students how to use multiplication to multiply the part amount by the local tax amount (9.75% converted to 0.0975.) Once the students take notes on the math procedures, I will give them a handout of a parts and labor worksheet and ask them to do the multiplication to figure out the labor times, labor dollars, and taxes on different amounts.

Materials / Resources