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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Mis-match equals failure

Part of Lesson Plan: Fastener types and functions (updated) by David Espinoza

Activity Overview / Details

I will have the students get their textbooks and take their seats. I will tap into their prior knowledge to determine how much they know about bolts, nuts and fasteners. I will have different bolts and nuts and one bolt with an oversized nut attaching a chain together. The chain will be attached to an engine block on the floor of the classroom. I will have an engine hoist attached to the chain. I will begin lifting the engine with the hoist until the nut slides off of the bolt. This will only be 1-3 inches off the ground and I will have two old tires under the engine to take the impact when the nut gives. I will ask the students to tell me what they think has happened. I will tell the students that it is critical to use the proper bolt and nut in order to hold parts together because of failure as in the demonstration. I will open up the session for discussion at this time and ask if any of them had ever experienced failures due to using the wrong size fasteners that are mismatched in sizes.