Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren


Part of Lesson Plan: How to make a gasket using a ball-peen hammer (updated) by Ramon C. Iniguez

Activity Overview / Details

  1. Assign students to groups.
  2. Explain to students how you want the lab to flow e.g. where to get the materials, which vehicle to work on, where to place HAZMAT, etc.
  3. Tell students to stop at specific points and have them call you to evaluate their progress and provide guidance.
  4. Even though each group is working on one vehicle, I require each student to make a gasket using the same thermostat housing. They evaluate each other’s gasket and choose which one of their gaskets will be used to install the thermostat.
  5. Have the scissors and box cutter available for unusual situations.
  6. Monitor progress and provide guidence.