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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Component ID task

Part of Lesson Plan: Engine Fundamentals (updated) by David Espinoza

Activity Overview / Details

 I will have the students gather into groups of four and ask them  to put on their safety glasses and go into the shop. Once in the shop, I will ask the groups to pick an engine that is already mounted on an engine stand. I will allow them time to inspect the different engines and inform them that although the engines are of different manufactures and sizes, they all have the same components that do the same things but may differ in sizes and shapes.

I will prompt the students when to have their groups move from engine to engine. This will allow them to see the different engines and their configurations (ie. four cylinder, inline six, V-6, V-8). I will also encourage the students to continue to quiz each other on the names of the components to practice their skills and knowledge of the subject.


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  • Engine Component ID Work Sheet.doc Engine Component ID Work Sheet.doc [ Download ]