Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Small Group Discussion-Hands On

Part of Lesson Plan: Ingredients to Internal Combustion (updated) by Thomas Dougherty

Activity Overview / Details

Students will be able to slow and stop the animation and identify different events and event timing.  Working in small groups, students will be able to rotate the single cylinder cutaway engines by hand and compare them to the animation and illustration. I will then rotate the cutaway engines to various points in the cycle and ask students to determine which event is taking place by the position of engine components.  Students will be able to view the entire cycle and determine how linear motion (piston movement) is converted to rotational motion (crankshaft movement).  They will be able to view and discuss valves opening for intake and exhaust events and closing for compression and combustion events. This will segue into future lessons on the individual ingredients.