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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Flour Power

Part of Lesson Plan: Bore & Stroke (updated) by John Potter

Activity Overview / Details

The materials needed for this activity are a bag of flour  per engine, one empty container, safety glasses and  students that are awake.  

Students will put on a set of Safety Glasses and will follow safe work practices while in the lab area. Each group will select an engine to test, one container per engine, and a vacuum cleaner to clean any mess up. Have the students make sure the piston is all the way down in the bore. Follow the steps from the PDF file on slide show that I show on the overhead and have the students put flour into the engine block.  Remembering to follow the steps on the PDF.

When the students get done with the task, are cleaned up and have answered step 9 question, they are done.   You can show them that different manufacturers make different size bore and store sizes to do the work.  

Materials / Resource

  • PDF Bore verse Stroke PDF Bore verse Stroke [ Download ] PDF version of slide show to be used in the shop