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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Anticipatory Set

Part of Lesson Plan: Principles of Electricity (updated) by Jeff Gillming

Activity Overview / Details

Students will enter class and written on the white board will be the question: "What is electricity?" Students will be asked to answer the question in writing. 

On the front podium student will see a fully charged automotive battery and a 2 foot piece of primary wire no larger than 14 gauge with the ends of the insulator removed.  After allowing students to respond to question, the instructor will put on a pair of leather gloves and other safety equipment and connect one end of the primary wire to the positive battery terminal and the other end of the primary wire to the negative battery terminal. The wire will over heat and begin burning the insulation off.  After sufficient smoke has been generated disconnect the wire.   Ask the students how the wire burned when you did not use a fuel source or an ignition source.  Allow students time for verbal responses.  Have students write their answer at the top of their paper to be turned in at end of the lesson.

Activity Details

when students enter the Classroom they will get their text books, blank piece of paper and a writing instrument. students will determine parts of the electricity atom including the Proton, Neutron, Electron and Electron orbit. Students will properly label each part of the electron.

 After drawing the electricity atom students will write the basic behavior and characteristics of the electricity atom.

Objectives and Goals


Assessment Types:
Projects, Writing Samples, Teacher-Made Test,
I will check the atom diagram created by the students for accuracy, insuring that all parts of the electricity atom are present and appropriately labeled. I will check the description of the electricity atom for content, insuring that the description, characteristics and behavior of the electricity atom are accurately described.