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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Simple Circuit

Part of Lesson Plan: Principles of Electricity (updated) by Jeff Gillming

Activity Overview / Details

I will lecture on the parts of the simple circuit based off of figure 8-3. I will draw the circuit on the white board making sure to label all of the parts of the circuit. Building on the previous lecture activity I will draw as many small "e" that can reasonably fit in the diagram of the battery. This is a good point to briefly explain that the battery stores the electrons to be used at as needed. (Be careful not to spend too much time on the idea of the battery as a storage device. This is really another lesson). I will draw a series of small "e" along the conductor explaining that the "e" represents the flow of electrons along that conductor (wire). Explain to the students that on this diagram you have drawn a light bulb as the electrical load. Provide the definition of an electrical load as any electrical component that uses electricity to operate. Ask students to verbally respond to you naming as many electrical loads as they can. Provide enough time for students to get a good grasp on the definition of electrical load.