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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

DC Volts

Part of Lesson Plan: Use of a Multimeter (updated) By Michael Drouin

Activity Overview / Details

I continue to lecture the students and inform them that volts DC is the type from a battery. It has the electrons only move one direction, and when they have all moved, the battery is dead. I then point to the Volts DC setting on the overhead, draw the Volts DC symbol on the board, switch the meter to the Volts DC position and walk around and show it to the students. Then walk over and take a reading (use a battery in a car) I ask (a student) what is the voltage on a car battery. Then connect it and show them the reading (12 volts), then walk to the board and draw the correct connection to check Volts DC.

Materials / Resources

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Assessment Types:
teacher walks around class with meter in the DC volts positions showing it to students