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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

AC Volts

Part of Lesson Plan: Use of a Multimeter (updated) By Michael Drouin

Activity Overview / Details

I then discuss Volts AC and tell them that volts DC will not work on the lights (point up to the classroom lights) because they have no place to store the electrons. So we alternate them-- send them out, then send them back, which is known as Volts AC. I tell the students that the first guys to figure this out were from Australia...you know AC/DC (the rock group). I put the meter on Volts AC, point to it on the overhead and walk around showing students. Then check the volts in the wall socket (120V). I then usually ask who stuck something in the socket as a kid??? Will the voltage kill you? (Yes.)


Assessment Types:
teacher walks around class showing student meter in the volts ac position