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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Remote Starter

Part of Lesson Plan: Compression Testing (updated) by Michael Fleming

Activity Overview / Details

Tap into prior knowledge from a previous lesson(s) on remote starter, by starting the class with a starter.  After students arrive, place a starter in a vise, and hook up a remote starter and battery pack. If you have a confident student, have a student hook the starter up.  Activate the starter as if bench testing with the remote starter.  Ask the students to describe what was done. Next, ask them why you would use a remote starter. List all the reasons they come up with, and put a star by compression testing. If they don't mention it, then add it to their list and say that compression testing is one of the most common reasons to use a remote starter.

For safety, stress that a remote starter can be potentially dangerous for the following reasons. First, it bypasses all the safety features on a vehicle; make sure the parking brake is applied, the vehicle is in park or neutral and the wheels are chucked. Also be careful of creating any sparks around the battery.