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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Instructor prep

Part of Lesson Plan: Brake System Operation (updated) By Ken Hamel

Activity Overview / Details

Before the presentation, the instructor will need to have enough disc brake-equipped vehicles in the shop for the activity.

During the activity four students will be on a vehicle, two on a side. The instructor will save a lot of time if the vehicles are already lifted and supported by safety stands. The vehicles should also have rotors that have been freshly machined, since machining a rotor is covered in another lesson and there is no time in this lesson to do it. 

The instructor will also need to make sure that there are enough brake service tools available for each work group so that they are not having to pass tools from one car to another. Having a shortage of tools will greatly diminish the effectiveness of this lesson, as will having students moving from one vehicle to another.

The instructor will also want to have each of the various brake components available (pads, rotors, calipers, etc.) so that they can hold them up and describe function and inspection. 

Activity Details

After role is taken, students break into groups of four. Students then acquire appropriate personal protective equipment, as well as tools necessary to safely lift and secure a disc/drum brake equipped vehicle (vehicles will already be parked in stalls in the shop). Students also will obtain the correct tools necessary to remove all four wheels from the vehicle.

Objectives and Goals


Assessment Types:
Instructor observation of students obtaining the proper tools and equipment. At the conclusion of this activity, students should be properly dressed, have obtained the appropriate tools, and be stationed at the corner of a vehicle. Ideally one student at each corner of the vehicle.