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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Teacher Demonstrating the work

Part of Lesson Plan: Brake Measurements and Hydraulics (updated) by Curt Erales

Activity Overview / Details

While in the shop, the teacher demonstrates all the safety rules. He wears safety glasses and instructs all students to wear their safety glasses. Fender covers should always be used, especially when working on the master cylinder, to prevent brake fluid from getting on the fender of the car.

The teacher demonstrates the proper way to measure a brake rotor with the micrometer.

The teacher demonstrates the proper way to use a dial indicator to check the rotor for excessive runout.

The teacher demonstrates how to measure the brake drum with the drum brake micrometer.

The teacher demonstrates to students the proper and detailed procedure to check the hydraulics system for leaks.

The students get in groups of two and measure the brake rotor and brake drum. Here is a great opportunity for peer teaching, as students may assist each other. Each student takes turns with the measurements with the supervision of the teacher.

Materials / Resource