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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Vehicle supporting#1b

Part of Lesson Plan: Wheel removal and replacement (updated) by Robin Coyne

Activity Overview / Details

Students will be asked to review their notes with the instructor prior to operating any hydraulic jacks. They will use a jack and jack stands to lift one axle of a vehicle using proper techniques and following all safety rules as guided by the instructor. Students will carefully jack up vehicles on their proper lift points and secure on jack stands as per the steps outlined and demonstrated previously. They will be lowering the car by turning the jack handle SLOWLY to the left. Some students will tighten the handle first, then twist it to the left abruptly because it is tight now. Explain this and verify that students know how to not do this to avoid undue stress of having the vehicle bang down on the One axle is all that is required.

The instructor will verify the proper procedure is being followed by monitoring, observing, assisting and explaining to students if they are uncertain as to how to perform the work required.