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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Wheel removal from vehicle Part 1

Part of Lesson Plan: Wheel removal and replacement (updated) by Robin Coyne

Activity Overview / Details

Demonstrate the correct method for safe wheel removal using an air wrench. Students will record the correct step by step procedures in their journals. Explain which tools are used and why. Show students where the tools being used are located and have them note the location of various tools so that they can be returned after use. The connection to the air line is tricky so show this several times. Explain the reason for hand checking the socket for proper fit and explain how hard it is to remove a lug nut that has been rounded off by use of the wrong size socket.  An air wrench will be used to remove the vehicle lug nut. They are very powerful and the operator must control the tool properly to avoid damaging the lug nut. Explain that the impact socket is the right choice of socket, not the shiny sockets that are thinwall design. The thinwall socket will shatter or crack if used with an air impact wrench.The instructor must demonstrate this several times as students won't grasp the  proper technique without repetition. Righty tighty, lefty loosy is a good way to explain tightening and loosening. Its goofy, but it works!  Explain that the tightening or loosening direction is from the head of the fastener (in this case a lug nut). Verify the correct method of testing the air wrench for proper orientation(tighten or loosen) It is worth extra time to repeat this exercise as there is always someone who has trouble with this part. Reinforce that the class will NOT use this tool to install lug nuts regardless of what they have seen during NASCAR pit stops!. Loosen the lug nuts. Do not fully remove the last lug nut so that the wheel doesn't fall on their feet or bounce off the ground and injure someone. Demonstrate moving the lug nuts off the floor and on to a tool cart so they don't get kicked or scattered. Put the air wrench on the cart after disconnecting the air hose. Explain that the air hose should not be left attached to the air wrench so that the tool doesn't get knocked to the ground by pulling or stepping on the air hose. Retract or coil the air hose up to avoid students tripping over it. Make sure student are taking appropriate notes by prompting them at various times during the demonstration