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Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Russell Granger

Steering Fundamentals (updated) by Russell Granger

Part of Unit: Fundamentals of Steering, Suspension, Tires, Wheels

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students will be introduced to the different types of steering systems and how they affect a vehicle’s weight, performance and handling. Students will also learn the components specific to the vehicle’s steering system and how they operate.

Lesson Time

1 Class Period
3 Hours

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will understand the different types of steering systems and how they function.
  • Students will understand the costs and benefits of each type of system.
  • Students will be able to identify the components that are used in the steering system and how they are diagnosed, repaired, and/or replaced.
  • Students will also be able to identify type of tire wear defective steering components can cause.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Steering Story Hooks / Set

    Imagine turning the steering wheel, and nothing happened. A customer left a friend's shop after having a lift kit installed, was getting onto the freeway, andthat is exactly what happened. Fortunately, he was all right, but his truck wasn't!  What do you think happened? 

  • PowerPoint Lecture

    Use PowerPoint to introduce the the different types of steering systems. Show examples of types of steering systems and have students identify by type and by component. Describe abnormal vehicle behavior, such as steering wheel free-play and get them to diagnose the problem as we go along during the PowerPoint.


    Resources and Materials

  • Steering Lab Demo Demo / Modeling

    Use shop demonstration vehicles to identify the different types of steering system and their components. Show how they operate on the vehicle. Demonstrate how the components are tested for wear and correct operation. Answer student questions and clarify the lab assignment. Students will wear safety glasses and cover-alls at all times while in the shop area.  

  • Students will be given lab assignment worksheets they will use to identify the different types of steering systems & the key components. Each student group will identify these parts on 2 different vehicles with different types of steering systems and explain how they operate. This will then lead into my suspension lecture. Students are continually monitored to insure they are wearing their safety glasses and cover-alls while maintaining safe shop practices at all times while in the shop area.   

    Resources and Materials

  • Activity #5 Closure

    All students will clean up the shop area 20 minutes before the end of class and, upon completion of the cleanup, assemble back in the classroom area. I will display assorted google.com/steeringsystem/photos in sequence and have students identify the different steering system types and components. I will do this until the end of class.     


Assessment Types:
Projects, Demonstrations, Teacher-Made Test, Observations,

I will walk around the class monitoring the student’s participation and answer any questions that arise. During the lab exercise I will ensure that the students wear their safety glasses and always practice shop safety. I will assist students in the lab if needed and give constructive feedback when necessary. Students will turn in their completed Starting Worksheet, explain their results, and make recommendations for repair, if any.