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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Shock & Strut Inspection & Service

Part of Lesson Plan: Shock & Strut Inspection & Service (updated) by Dennis Johnson

Activity Overview / Details

I will have the students get their safety glasses, sample inspection sheet, and the remaining blank inspection sheets and follow me into the shop for a demonstration on how to perform a shock/strut bounce test and shock/strut visual inspection.  I will demonstrate the shock/strut bounce test by  pushing down on one corner of the vehicles body, then release counting the number of times the vehicle rebounds (moves up and down).  A good shock/strut should stop body movement in one (1) or two (2) rebounds. Bad shocks/struts will let the body bounce three (3) or more times.  I will tell students to visually check the shock/strut for signs of leakage (oily wetness) and damage.  When shocks/struts are faulty they should be replaced.

I will now demonstrate how to replace the typical shock absorber:

1) Place the vehicle on jack stands or on a vehicle lift.

2) Remove the wheel and tire assemblies.

3) Place jack stands or other lifting devices under the control arms or the axle housing if necessary.

4) Using basic hand tools or air impact gun, remove the old shock mounting hardware and the old shock absorber.

5) If the fasteners are rusted, spray rust penetrant on the threads. When a threaded stud and a nut are used, you may need to hold the stud while turning the nut.

6) Install the new shock absorber and new mounting hardware in the reverse order of removal.

Materials / Resource

  • YouTube - How To Change Your Shock Absorbers.mht YouTube - How To Change Your Shock Absorbers.mht [ Download ] Shock Removal Clip
  • SS1R&IShock.doc SS1R&IShock.doc [ Download ] Remove and Install Shock Task Sheet
  • SS2R&IStrut.doc SS2R&IStrut.doc [ Download ] Remove Strut Assembly Task Sheet
  • YouTube - Auto Repair Car Shocks & Struts Replacement - 2 of 3.mht YouTube - Auto Repair Car Shocks & Struts Replacement - 2 of 3.mht [ Download ] Strut Assembly Removal and Tear Down clip