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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Tire Changing Video Comparison

Part of Lesson Plan: Tire Mounting Part 2 (updated) by Robert Thayer

Activity Overview / Details

5-10 minutes


Each day, when students enter the classroom, I usually have a warm-up question projected on a video screen, but you could write it on the board. At the beginning of the week students grab a new blank warm-up work sheet, which I have created for them, which students keep in a folder in their back packs. Students complete all the warm-ups for the week on that sheet and turn in their sheet to me at the end of the week for grade points.

Also, under the daily warm-up question, I have an outline of our activities for that day.


As students enter and begin taking their seats, I show a video in which someone is demonstrating how to use a tire changing machine that is similar to the one we have in our shop. I don't say much, but let the students watch the video and listen to their comments until the bell rings indicating that class has begun. At that point, I stop the video, and ask everyone to take out their warm-up worksheets. I tell the students that their assignment is to watch the video and write down 3 similarities and 3 differences between the demonstration in the video and my demonstration in the previous lesson. I then start the video from the beginning. It is about 3 minutes long. When the video ends, I give students a couple minutes to finish the assignment.

When enough students are done with the assignment, I call on some of them to share their answers with the class. As students give their answers, I repeat their answers out loud. I also call on non-volunteers. Then, I take about five minutes to comment on the video content. I will explain what I like and dislike about the techniques used, and why. Be sure to point out the following:

  • That the worker in the video was not wearing safety glasses.
  • That the tire/wheel combo in the video is from an ATV.
  • That there were no wheel weights to remove because ATVs do not reach speeds which would require a balanced wheel.

At the conclusion of this activity, I tell students to put their warm-up worksheets away.


Materials / Resource

  • Tire Changing Machine Demonstration Tire Changing Machine Demonstration Comparison [ Go to Site ] You Tube Tire Changing Machine Video for Comparison and Analysis