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Unit Originally Created By: David Espinoza

Fundamentals of Transmissions and Drivetrain

Part of Course: Automotive Technology 1 and 2 Model

Unit Overview / Details

The lessons in this unit include fundamentals and some servicing of automatic and manual transmissions, differentials, shift linkages, and constant velocity axle inspection and service.


12 Days


This Unit covers:

Describe gear operating principles.
Identify and define all the major parts of a transmission.
Explain the fundamental operation of a manual transmission.
Trace the power flow through transmission gears.
Compare the construction of different types of manual transmissions.
Explain the purpose and operation of a transmission overdrive ratio.Identify the basic components of an automatic transmission.
Describe the function and operation of the major parts of an automatic transmission.
Trace the flow of power through an automatic transmission.
Explain how an automatic transmission shifts gears.
Compare different types of automatic transmissions.Identify the major parts of a rear drive axle
List the functions of a rear axle assembly.
Describe the operation of a differential.
Explain differential design variations.
Compare different types of axles.
Describe the principles of a limited-slip differential.
Relate rear axle ratios to vehicle performance.

Lessons in this Unit