Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren


Part of Lesson Plan: Green Technologies (updated) By Richie Rizzonelli

Activity Overview / Details

I will discuss with the students on how to assemble a photovoltaic panel and controller. The students will follow along and assemble their own photovoltaic panel & controller. I will explain the what the voltages are that they can expect and how and where to connect the leads from the multimeter to help guide them in the right direction. Students will take notes during this session to use as a reference during their project.

When they have completed the controller, I will have the students measure the voltage & amperage to a car battery and record their findings clearly and legibly on a repair order following the BAR state standards. I will stress the need to work safely while wearing the proper personal protective equipment.


Assessment Types:
Projects, Observations,
I will monitor placement of the voltage controller leads fro the photovoltaic panel and ensure that they are reading the correct voltage and correctly documenting their findings on the repair order. I will also monitor the students to ensure they are utilizing safe work practices at all times.