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Green Concepts

Part of Course: Automotive Technology 1 and 2 Model

Unit Overview / Details

The lessons in this unit include an introduction to "Green Technology", which will include hybrids, electric, hydrogen fuel cell, photovoltaic & bio diesel applications

Instructional Time

10 Days


This Unit covers:

  • Green Technology
  • Alternative fuel vehicles

9 to 12
Industries and Pathways:

Lessons in this Unit

  • This lesson will explore the use of alternative ("green technology") fuel options.

    2 Days
  • Not in My Back Yard!

    Our global society is very concerned with implementing environmentally sensitive handling of products that can or will harm the Earth and it inhabitants. "Green" practice is now becoming a global business model, and yet we are reminded daily that it is hard to enforce unilaterally and the world is in a game of "catch up" with serious consequences for future generations if it doesn't. The need for environmental oversight is clear: Without awareness,education, regulation and monitoring, toxic waste streams will continue to grow.

    In  today's world it is unacceptable to continue the practice of dumping or illegally disposing of toxic and poisonous waste products. The automotive industry is one of the largest contributors to hazardous waste generation over the life of a given product. This lesson series is designed to provide awareness of the problem as it relates to the automotive industry and  to show that the waste stream can be managed with green practices during and after the usable life of an automobile. Also, involvement in green practices can start in your own "back yard" or community.

    Five class periods
    322 Minutes
    0 Minutes
  • This lesson serves as an introduction to the alternative fuels program. Students will learn about a variety of alternative fuels, the infrastructure supporting these fuels, pros and cons associated with alternative fuels, and safety when working with or around them. Example of fuels discussed include; compressed natural gas, electric, fuel ethanol, fuel methanol, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and nuclear energy. May be taken a total of two times. 18 hours lecture."

    2 Hours
  • Students will be exposed to the major parts of a modern gas-electric hybrid drive system.  Most hybrid vehicles conduct almost 600 volts AC and 300 volts DC.  By comparison, the home wall outlet voltage is 120 volts AC.

    This lesson will include discussions, modeling, and practice of how to be safe while working on a hybrid vehicle.

    Two Class Periods
    55 Minutes