Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Patti Stanley

Signs of Common Childhood Illnesses

Part of Unit: Health and Nutrition Practices

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson is meant to be a mid-way check for understanding in a unit on childhood illnesses.  The students will be given a scenario and they will need to determine what the issue is and state how they would respond to this situation.

Lesson Time

1 class session
45 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

  • The students will be able to recognize signs/symptoms of common childhood illnesses.
  • The student will be able to determine the appropriate action to take when confronted with signs/symptoms of common childhood illnesses.
  • The student will be able to recognize when it is appropriate to contact the parent with regard to common childhood illnesses.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Play the video so the students will get an idea of what the topic is for the day.  Very brief one minute video.


    Resources and Materials

  • Scenario Diagnosis Independent Practice

    This activity involves distributing individual scenarios to the students.  They will then use various resources (textbook and chart you can download here) to make an educated guess as to what common illness the child might have and then determine the course of action that should be taken.


    TEACHER:  You will need to copy enough of the scenarios so that each student will have their own scenario.  I realize there are only 6 scenarios so there will be duplication.  You will also need to print out the chart and photocopy so that there are enough to go around.  You might want to make enough copies for each student to have a chart for reference, or simply make enough so that each group of 3 or 4 students can share a chart for reference.  Your choice.

    Resources and Materials

    • Chart of common childhood illnesses [ Download ] Resource for activity.
    • Scenarios_Illnesses [ Download ] 6 Illness Scenarios
    • Scenario Key [ Download ] Key for the Scenarios
  • Instruct the students to select a partner who had a different scenario than they did. Example: A student with scenario 6 partners with a student with scenario 3.

    Instruct the students to, one at a time, share their scenario and their responses to the scenario.

    As the students are sharing, monitor the responses and correct as necessary according to the key.


Assessment Types:

The assessment for this activity is your observations made during the Pair Share activity above. 

FIRST PART:  If the students have the correct 'diagnosis' for their scenario, then they would receive a passing score for the activity.  If their 'diagnosis' is incorrect, they would receive a failing score for the activity.

SECOND PART:  If the students had the correct 'response' to the situation, then they would receive a 2nd passing score for the activity.  If their 'response' was incorrect, then they would receive a failing score for that part of the activity.