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Activity Originally Created By: Lisa Lucas

Design Styles P.P.T.

Part of Lesson Plan: Interior Design Styles

Activity Overview / Details

Project the ppt onto a screen and go through each style, pointing out the identifying features in each picture, for each style.  Students should be taking notes on the ppt notes handout.  The first 5 design styles can be shown the first day.

The second day students are on computers or in magazines finding pictures of living rooms or bedrooms that are done in each of the first 5 design styles.  They will copy or mount these pictures onto a portfolio page per instructions on the Table of Contents handout. Even if students have not completed finding all their examples, move on to complete the ppt on the third day.  ( Note:  Some students will move faster than others and will be finished by the 3rd day.)

The third day of this 5-7 day project, show the last 6 design styles.  They will need to continue notes on their ppt notes handout.   Note:  the last slide of Part II has a link to take a fun design style quiz on the Better Homes & Garden website.  Ask for a volunteer and have them give you their answers as you go through the quiz questions.  At the end they have to plug in their name and email and then they can get their test results.  You can have them print just this page from the quiz and put it in the portfolio.  Note:  Be sure to show them how to select just one page before printing or you'll get the entire site printed!

On days 4 to 7, students will continue to create their design style portfolio.  The ppt covers the following design styles:

First Day:

  1. American Country
  2. Traditional 18th Century
  3. Victorian
  4. Arts & Craft
  5. Art Deco

Third Day:

  1. New International
  2. Mid-Century Modern
  3. Country French
  4. Shabby Chic
  5. Soft Contemporary
  6. Eclectic



Materials / Resource

  • Design Styles Part I.ppt Design Styles Part I.ppt [ Download ]
  • design styles Part 2.ppt Design Styles Part 2.ppt [ Download ]
  • Des Styles Stud ppt. Notes.doc Des Styles Stud ppt. Notes.doc [ Download ]