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Activity Originally Created By: Emilia Onuorah


Part of Lesson Plan: Parts of a sewing machine and how to operate them

Activity Overview / Details

Materials: A sewing machine, small post-its or labels to label parts 1-19, and a way to project the Parts of a Sewing Machine PDF. 

TEACHER: Project the picture of the sewing machine (Parts of a Sewing Machine PDF) on the overhead projector. With the demo sewing machine in front of the class, label it with the students. Starting from number 1-19. (Remember, sewing machines differ from school to school. I have 3 types of sewing machines in my class. I always use Janome to teach this lesson and for the other machines I just explain it to whomever that is assigned to.)

Label each number with the correct name from 1-19. Tape each number to the area of the machine where it belongs.

STUDENTS: They each get the work sheet and return to their seats. They label the parts of the sewing machine with the teacher.

TEACHER: Allow students to following through with the lesson. Pick each number from 1 to 19. Stop at intervals to checK for understanding and to answer questions if any. Also ask questions for clarification.

STUDENTS: They will continue until all the parts are labeled.

Materials / Resource

  • Parts of a Sewing Machine PDF Parts of a Sewing Machine PDF [ Download ]