The CTE Online Projects

Why Project-Based Learning?

The updated 2013 CTE Standards represent a renewed focus on critical thinking skills, communication and career readiness.

Specifically, the standards:

  • Are organized by careers
  • Reinforce application across disciplines
  • Base assessment on real-world, complex problems

Project-Based Learning supports the updated CTE Standards as it focuses student learning on identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution.

Click the play button below to view our short slideshow on how PBL has been integrated into the CTE Online curricula.

The CTE Online Projects

The CTE Online Projects provide a dynamic way to view a series of coordinated lesson plans and resources ideal for project-based and integrated curriculum.

Each CTE Online Project includes the following:

  • Standards-based content
  • An authentic or open-ended real-world problem
  • A final product to be shared

Each lesson within a project is identified by its own thumbnail shape and is connected along a path with other lessons. The path indicates the sequence of instruction for one or multiple courses and instructors. Select a lesson thumbnail and the entire lesson, including all included resources, will open.

  • In the STEM Integrated Projects created within the CTE Online Curriculum Writing Institutes, you will find Career and Technical Education (CTE) lessons that dovetail with academic core lessons like English Language-Arts, Math, Science, History, and Social Studies. To filter just for these types of projects, you can search using the term "Integrated" or "STEM."
  • In the CTE-focused PBL Projects also created within our Institutes, CTE educators write a Project-Based Learning Project that includes four key lessons in a CTE area. To filter just for these types of projects, you can search using the term "PBL."

To view all of the CTE Online projects, just select the Projects tab.

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