Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CTE Online?

CTE Online can be summarized by three Cs: Curriculum, Community and Collaboration. Our curriculum includes thousands of standards-based CTE and academic lessons plans, hundreds of PBL and STEAM Integrated projects, dozens of dynamic course outlines and thousands of resources. Our community includes tens of thousands of educators across the state (and across the world). And our tools for collaboration allow users to create groups to share resources and information wherever they are. Read more about us here.

How do I apply to write lessons for CTE Online?

We open up the applications for CTE Online Institutes in the Fall. You can find out more about upcoming Institutes here as well as see if the application period is open.

What is a "Project"?

CTE Online Projects provide a dynamic way to view a series of coordinated lesson plans and resources ideal for project-based and integrated curriculum. There are PBL projects that focus on CTE coursework, as well as STEM and STEAM Integrated projects that incorporate multiple subject areas. Read more about our projects here.

I've changed schools and I want to update the email that messages get sent to.

You can the change email address on file that directs where messages are sent by editing your Profile page. When you are logged in, click on Your Name at the upper-right side of any CTE Online page and a Dashboard opens that allows you to manage your content. Click on "Edit Profile" to update your email as well as your "About Me" and your current profile photo. Learn more here.

How can I upload a profile picture?

To upload a profile picture (or change your current one), first open up your Dashboard by clicking on your name at the top of any page in CTE Online. Then, select the "Edit Profile" button. This will open your profile in edit mode. Hover over your current picture and you will be prompted to click to edit your profile image. In the pop-up, select "Upload New Image" to choose a photo on your computer. Once your photo is loaded, select Save. Once you're back on your profile page, scroll to the bottom and hit "Save Profile Information." Learn more here.

What is a "Training"?

CTE Online provides a limited number of no-cost training workshops each year to requesting schools, districts and ROPs. During the 3-hour training at the hosting site, up to 30 participants will learn how to access FREE standards-based CTE curriculum, including Project Based Learning, CTE and Academic Integrated Projects and Standards-Based Instructional Practices. Find out more about our trainings here.

I would like to learn how to use CTE Online on my own time. Is there a "remote" training option?

Yes! Our new online orientation is designed to help you make the most of the CTE Online website, anytime, anywhere. Find out more here:

Where can I find "Help" documentation?

At the upper right of every page in CTE Online you'll find a menu that includes a link for Help. Our Help Pages include access to support by topic or even view screencasts and quick guides. Go straight to our Help Pages here.

How can I make the lesson plans / projects / outlines that I've created in CTE Online "public"?

The public content viewable on the CTE Online site is all created through a stringent vetting process involving CTE educators, curriculum development consultants and subject matter specialists through our yearly CTE Online Curriculum Writing Institutes. However, CTE Online members can still create any of their own content using the freely available tools on our site. This content can then be shared directly with other members, or even groups of members. For more information, see our Help pages or contact the technical support team at CADRE.

Is there a way to leave a group that I am currently a member of?

To no longer be a member of a group, just go to the group page for that group and select the button that says "Leave Group." This will remove you from access to the group as well as any future messages or shared content. Find out more about our Groups here.

Have a Question to Add to our FAQs?

Send us an email with your question, and we may add it to this page! Just put "FAQ" in the subject line.