CTE Online Lesson Plans

One of CTE Online's key pursuits is to help teachers improve their instructional practices through developing and sharing effective models of practice as a community of professionals.

The foundation of this is the CTE Online Lesson Plan. Typically covering 1-2 class periods, each lesson plan provides detailed instruction for the teacher on a specific topic, and is made up of a sequence of creatively prepared activities that begin with a "hook" and include multiple ways to engage students and check for understanding. Each lesson plan also includes all the necessary worksheets, video clips, presentations, and other resources you need to use directly in your own classroom.

Explore the thousands of CTE Online Lesson Plans by selecting the Lesson Plans tab.

Create Your Own Lesson Plan

Want to use our tools to create your own lesson plan? Select the Lesson Plans tab and then select Create Lesson. The Lesson Planner will open. You will be guided on how to complete your lesson plan when you select Start Tour.

View a Quick Guide on Creating Lesson Plans in CTE Online.

Or, watch this screencast video.