Saving what you Find

Did you know that you can save, share, copy and even edit what you find in CTE Online?

Just look for the multi-colored Edit Bar at the top of each content page. You'll find:

  • a Heart for Favorites
  • a Star for Recommendations
  • a Flag to notify CTE Online
  • a File Cabinet icon to create or save to a Collection
  • A Document icon to download items and
  • Gears to copy and edit content.


You can "favorite" Lesson Plans, Projects, Resources and even Course Outlines to review later. Just look for the Heart icon in the edit bar on your favorite item. Select the heart so that it turns white and that content will be added to your favorites.

Save to a Collection

Want to group the stuff you find into topic areas? Then Collections are what you're looking for. Select the blue file cabinet icon and choose "Create New Collection." Or, select a collection you've already started.

> Click here to watch a short how-to video on saving items to a collection.

Copy a Lesson, Project or Outline

The Gears button allows you to copy a lesson plan, project or outline to your own account. Once it's copied, you can again use the Gears to edit the content to your liking or even share it with a colleague on CTE Online. (Note: No one will see your content unless you share it with them.)

Find Your Stuff!

Find all of your favorited items, collections and copied content on your Home Page under My Stuff, or by opening your Dashboard by clicking on your name at the top of any page in CTE Online.