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Thousands of CTE and academic core lesson plans.

Hundreds of Project-Based Learning and STEM Integrated Projects.

Course outlines you can copy, modify and make your own.

With tens of thousands of registered educators, CTE Online is the California resource devoted to connecting CTE and academic educators and leaders to quality curriculum models, shared communities of practice and professional development tools.

All of it for free.

Our ongoing mission is to continue to support the role rigorous academic skills play in supporting students' pursuit of industry- and career-related coursework.

We do this by providing community access to the following:

Local instructional leaders will find all of the tools necessary to help their faculty members identify and align rich career and technical curricula with the promotion of academic skills commonly measured on state assessments facing our students, schools, and districts each year.

It is the belief of this program that CTE personnel and departments can and do serve a vital role in reinforcing academic skills in a contextualized, applied instructional setting that is difficult to replicate in traditional core academic settings. CTE programs should be embraced and utilized as an integral piece in supporting campus and district wide academic achievement efforts.

Check out our 2017-2018 Year in Review to see all we accomplished this last year.

​Connecting our Efforts

CTE educators and leaders throughout the state are finding new opportunities to join in a common process of curriculum-related work that helps publicize the methods by which academic skills are integrated into all CTE programs on a daily basis

This site serves as a critical device by which skilled educators within this dynamic field can share the work they are doing to support the balanced development of our youth that supports both their current academic challenges and future career interests equally.

Read more about our process here.

​Training and Outreach

To do this, CTE Online offers FREE Training to support strong Career and Technical Education programs throughout California.We accomplish this by:

  • Using the latest research on strong CTE programming and integrated approaches to learning
  • Gathering some of the state's most experienced and exceptional teachers from diverse school sites and districts to work together in creating model curriculum, project plans, and authentic assessments across all sectors
  • Convening top academic subject experts to analyze our curriculum models and work with our educator teams to create rigorous alignments between the rich STEM/CTE projects and the California Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Collecting data on the continued use and growth of our community, their needs, and the types of resources necessary to help support rigorous, quality CTE instruction that provides students readiness for both Career and College
  • Working diligently with our California Department of Education leadership team and our partner agencies across the County Offices of Education, the California Community College System, the California State University System, the University of California system, and statewide business partner consortia to inform our initiatives and direction annually.

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