The CTE Online Curriculum Writing Institutes

What is an Institute?

Every fall, CTE Online invites grades 7-12 California educators to apply for our Curriculum Writing Institutes. Each Institute provides educators with two full days of collaboration and exploration time to begin planning a project-based learning project. Travel and substitute reimbursement are provided. The end product, to be developed and completed by teachers remotely, is a project complete with four lessons from each teacher.

Types of Institutes

There are two types of Institutes members can apply to attend:

Curriculum Writing Institute:

  • CTE educators attend individually to write 4 lesson plans.
  • Each teacher writes four lessons in their subject area as part of a single PBL project.
  • Click here to view our PBL Projects.

CTE/STEM Integrated Curriculum Writing Institute:

  • Teams of teachers attend together to write an integrated PBL project. These teams include one Career and Technical Education (CTE) educator and 2-3 academic educators teaching subjects such as English Language-Arts, Math, Science, World Languages, History, and Social Studies.
  • Each teacher writes four lessons in their subject area that ties in to their team's project theme. (Note: Teams apply to the Institute together.)
  • Click here to view our Integrated Projects.

Prepare your Project Idea

Before you apply, you will want to come up with some ideas for a project to develop.

  1. Look through the curriculum for your Industry Sector already in CTE Online.
  2. Find a topic that hasn't been covered yet. Come up with ONE possible project idea that you could write!
  3. Make sure your topic covers Industry Sector Anchor and Pathway standards.

Learn More

Watch this short video to get a "behind the scenes" view of an Institute!

Have Questions?

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  • Phone: 530-636-2356