Request a No-Cost Professional Development Training

"Superhero" Training at Valley ROP in Fresno, California

Did you know that CTE Online provides a limited number of no-cost professional development trainings each year to requesting schools, districts and CTE centers in California?

Find out how CTE Online can support YOUR CTE program to provide alignment to the 11 Elements of a High Quality CTE Program by requesting a free training.

Our three-hour trainings are designed to provide professional development in the following areas:

  • Standards Alignment to CTE coursework and lesson plans
  • CTE and Academic Integration
  • Tools for developing, copying and sharing lessons, projects and course outlines
  • Continued collaboration after the training through online groups

What participants say about CTE Online professional development

"This is a great tool for ideas to integrate core classes with CTE and Pathway courses."

"This was the most helpful workshop I have ever been to. Thank you."

"Outstanding hands-on demonstration assistance for learning how to use the CTE Online tools."

Schedule your Training Date

You can request a training through our site. Click here to complete the Training Request Form.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The location where you will host the training*
  • Two possible dates for your training
  • # of potential participants (ideal group sizes are between 15-30)

*Please note that your site will need to be able to provide all participants with Internet and computer access.

You can view, download and print our Training Flyer here: