CTE Online Groups

CTE Online Groups bring educators together, providing a space for members to gather, share resources, and engage in a conversation around a central topic or organization.

When you join the CTE Online community, you can choose to join the group associated with your school or county office, or even create your own group. Once you are a member of a group, you can view other group member's profiles, share resources with the group, and even post a comment to the group in the Comments section.

Join your Industry Sector Community Group

Did you know? You can even join one of our 15 Industry-Sector Community Groups! Led by a real teacher, each of our Community Groups provides relevant resources and information to its members throughout each school year.

  • Find a Community Group: Select the Groups tab and filter for Industry.
  • To join one of these Community Groups, simply choose the Industry Sector group you'd like to join and then select "Join Group." (To leave a group to which you currently belong, select the button for "Leave Group."

Quick Guide

View a Quick Guide on Creating your own Group in CTE Online here.

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