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The CTE Online Model Lesson Plan

Explore the basic structure of a CTE Online lesson plan! This lesson takes a closer look at the different types of activities that can make up a single 1-2 day lesson plan.

9 10 11 12

Dada Poetry Analysis (ELA)

In the lesson, students will be introduced to examples of Dada poetry and will be asked to analyze two pieces using an established poetry analysis method.

10 11 12

Sustainable Agriculture: Leaving a Legacy PBL Project

Students will design and build a sustainable agriculture project on our school farm. Students will explore the principles of sustainable agriculture, analyze trends and laws and their impacts. Students will also learn about the grant writing process and write grants to secure funding for their projects. The structure of this unit and the material…

9 10 11 12
9 10 11 12
9 10 11 12
9 10 11 12
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