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FAIL! Using the Engineering Design Process to Design an Electric Vehicle STEM Integrated Project

This unit uses the engineering design process (EDP) to design and build a battery powered go-kart, bicycle, or boat or some other large scale CTE project. In the CTE course, the students choose their project and establish their path throughout the remainder of the course. Introduction to the EDP uses case studies in engineering failures to help rei…

9 10 11 12

The Body As A Crime Scene STEM Integrated Project

In any assault, whether it's a punch in the nose or a murder, the BODY is a crime scene in its own right. It contains physical evidence that can be examined in place, documented, collected and then subjected to further detailed analysis in the crime laboratory. When done in a careful, methodical manner an unbiased story of what happened can be dis…

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Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (ELA)

In this lesson, students will be made aware of the Literacy and other Essential Skills workers need to be successful on the work site.

9 10 11 12

Calculating Conductive Heat Flow And Concrete Wall Analysis (Math)

In this lesson, students will learn what "Conductive Heat Flow" is and how to calculate conductive heat flow based on the combination of materials involved in a structure.

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What's the "Value": Comparing R value and U value of Concrete and other Common Materials (Math)

In this lesson, students will learn what "R" Value and "U" Value are to determine the best materials for insulating a home.

Residential Concrete: The World of Foundations STEM Integrated Project

Throughout this unit, students will dive in to the world of foundations! They will be learning all about concrete, from how it's made to why it plays such a huge role in everyday life. Students will learn about rebar and why concrete would not be as strong with out it, and learn to identify the different sizes of rebar by knowing the measurements. …

9 10 11 12

Compare & Contrast Essay: Concrete With and Without Fly-Ash (ELA)

Students will research the use of Fly Ash in concrete and then write a Compare/Contrast Essay.

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