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Roller Coasters and the Progressive Era STEM Integrated Project

Students will build rollercoasters in groups of three, incorporating their knowledge of energy transfer from potential to kinetic, using logical and low-cost materials such as wood, wires, string, twine, cardboard, and/or glue. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History, English L…

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Disaster Plan - Presentation Proposal (Part 2 of 2) (Health)

This is the culmination of Part 1 of this lesson on planning for a school-wide disaster. Students will present their School Disaster Plan based on natural disasters or hazards that may threaten their school to a community audience.


Media Design 3 PBL Model

This is a Project-Based course focusing on the use of current industry software in digital animation design / digital video editing and production. Units will be designed around the creation of projects for students to design, build, create, or perform. Media Design 3 is the third in a high school course series (MD1, MD2, MD3) to complete an …


Promote A School Event - Media Design 3 PBL Project

In this unit, Promote a School Event, students will be designing and producing multimedia advertisements to promote a school event. They will apply common themes, color schemes and event information into an original product. They will also apply principles of persuasion to drive interest in and awareness of the upcoming event. NOTE: All students in…


Advertise My Product - Media Design 3 PBL Project

Students will create and produce promotional materials to advertise a real-life, community-based product. Students will meet with a client, research and analyze the company's characteristics and needs and apply principles of design and advertising to design an original advertisement. NOTE: All students in the course will have demonstrated proficie…


Fashion Forward T-Shirt Design - Media Design 3 PBL Project

In this unit students will learn the steps to creating a good t-shirt design, brainstorming ideas, the difference between preparing print and web artwork and how to prepare their design for printing. Approximately 4 weeks


Creating an Identity for a Business - Media Design 3 PBL Project

In this unit students will learn about corporate visual identity and the steps to creating logos, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. They will create their own visual identity for a company of their choice, which will include a logo, business card, letterhead and envelope, and present it to the class. Approximately 4 weeks


Photoshop Portfolio - Media Design 3 PBL Project

Students will develop a series of advanced technique Photoshop projects and create a portfolio of their work. In today's competitive school and job market, a well-designed portfolio can set your work apart from others applying for the same program or position. In this unit students will be able to display their creative skills, for college admissio…


Digital Portraits-Image and Text - Media Design 3 PBL Project

In this unit students will create a series of digital variations on the theme of self Identity. Combining image and text students will demonstrate their creativity as they present themselves through digital artistry and poetry. Approximately 4 weeks


...and ACTION! Then What? - Media Design 3 PBL Project

In this unit, students will shoot and edit short films they have written. Students will explore the production and post-production phase of filmmaking. Students will use design skills to create a movie poster, movie trailer, and website. Students will have a complete film package that they can submit to film festivals or movie night. This is a stan…


Plan, Point, and Get Ready to Shoot! Short Film Preproduction - Media Design 3 PBL Project

Collaboratively, students will create a preproduction package for a short film. Along with screenwriting techniques they learned in "Yes! I wrote a 10 Page Script" unit, digital photography and videography skills they will learn in this unit project, students will be prepared for production in the basic areas of the filmmaking process. Students wil…


Yes! I wrote a 10 Page Script! - Media Design 3 PBL Project

Students will create a 10-page script in a program such as Celtx using techniques of character development, the foundations of story structure, and collaborative techniques for creating character dialogue. Students will prepare a professional script for publication and/or film festival submission. Students will also complete the process to copyrigh…


Product Analysis Presentation - Media Design 3 PBL Project

Students will research a current emerging technological product within the digital media industry and will create a visual and oral presentation demonstrating critical thinking and problem-solving as it relates to the product. Included in this unit are 4 lessons that introduce the problem-solving process, product analysis and compiling assets for t…

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