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Machine Tool Technology Model

Introduces the student to the changing era of machining technology, emphasizing terminology, referencing and applications related to manufacturing environments. The fundamental use of bench tools, layout procedures, materials, precision measuring tools, machining processes, drilling and cut-off machines and other machining/manufacturing proces…


The CTE Online Model Lesson Plan

This lesson takes a closer look at the different types of activities that can make up a single 1-2 day lesson plan.

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Helpful Histograms (Math)

Students will represent data using histograms, dot plots, and box plots.

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Here Comes the Photons: What's Solar Power? (CTE)

In this lesson, students will investigate what role solar panels play in our lives. This lesson will include a 'hands-on' activity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of how a typical solar panel works in a residential home.

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Let's Design a Solar Boat STEM Integrated Project

Shiver me timbers fellow teachers! This project wraps math, history, environmental studies, English, and science into a perfect brainstorming solar boat making experience. The culminating project results in students optimally identifying recyclable materials that will make a floating object and simultaneously harnessing the sun's energy as a me…

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Tell Me a Story: Storytelling using Photos and Graphic Design PBL Project

"Tell me a story" takes students through a journey of hands-on learning about storytelling through photography, graphic design, and videography. In these lessons, students will be taught key points in telling compelling stories then, challenged to use their creativity and critical thinking to demonstrate techniques of effective non verbally and ver…

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9 10 11 12

Roller Coasters and the Progressive Era STEM Integrated Project

Students will build rollercoasters in groups of three, incorporating their knowledge of energy transfer from potential to kinetic, using logical and low-cost materials such as wood, wires, string, twine, cardboard, and/or glue. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History, English L…

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Intellectual Property: Copyright or Copywrong? STEM Integrated Project

Students will be introduced to the various ethical dilemmas and real-world impact for many industries from the concept of intellectual property. The culminating project is to create a found piece of art (a music video where the music, video, lyrics, and graphic art are all sourced from other artists' original works). This project will take approxim…

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FAIL! Using the Engineering Design Process to Design an Electric Vehicle STEM Integrated Project

This unit uses the engineering design process (EDP) to design and build a battery powered go-kart, bicycle, or boat or some other large scale CTE project. In the CTE course, the students choose their project and establish their path throughout the remainder of the course. Introduction to the EDP uses case studies in engineering failures to help rei…

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Sustainable Redwood Furniture Design STEM Integrated Project

This project is designed to show students the connection of sustainable forestry management with sustainable use of lumber as a building material and how it ties with a successful business plan. Students will learn what it means to properly manage a forest's timber resources to ensure long term benefits for the environment while meeting the demand…


The Ethics of Medical Research STEM Integrated Project

Students will explore ethical issues that are related to medical research and the impact of these issues as related to Biotechnology, American Literature, U.S. History and Mathematics. The culminating projects has students working collaboratively in a group to apply what they know about civil rights, biotechnology, and the exploitation of vulnera…

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