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Someone Else's Shoes: Creating a Cinemagraph STEM Integrated Project

We never see ourselves. Other people form a perception of who we are. Can a photograph see inside your soul? Can a photograph see your dreams or fears? What does the photographer see? Is the photographer's point of view a mirror of the photographed? What if the photo moves? In a partner project or small group, students will explore the question,

10 11 12

Sustainable Redwood Furniture Design STEM Integrated Project

This project is designed to show students the connection of sustainable forestry management with sustainable use of lumber as a building material and how it ties with a successful business plan. Students will learn what it means to properly manage a forest's timber resources to ensure long term benefits for the environment while meeting the demand…

10 11 12

Podcast Crime, Serial style STEM Integrated Project

Podcast Crime, Serial Style - This is an interdisciplinary unit for English, Criminal Justice, Video, and Science teachers that takes the group through the science, writing, and criminal justice process to use podcasting and audio skills to produce a product using career skills as an audio engineer. The culminating project is a four part podcast t…

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Forensic Ballistics Analysis STEM Integrated Project

Forensic scientists combine a variety of skills and disciplines to analyze physical evidence. Forensic students learn how to use chemistry, physics and the known characteristics of common materials to analyze a crime scene. The students develop skills in documentation and presentation through the use of Computer Assisted Design software. Role of e…

There's an App for That! STEM Integrated Project

Mobile devices, like smart phones are changing our lives. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way we think and communicate. In the palm of our hands, we can access information anywhere. The numbers of apps available are staggering. If you have a tablet or phone, you have an app on it. Creating an app is a new tool for 21st century students. The mob…

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The Big Spill STEM Integrated Project

This two-week unit takes students through a scenario where they act as employees for a mock company called World EcoTouch WET, an environmental consulting firm. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in Science, Math and English Language-Arts (ELA) that supplement the primary core area …

9 10 11 12

It's All Fun and Games with Engineering STEM Integrated Project

In this project students will create a new game that teaches elements of ecology while applying writing skills in the backstory and instructions, math skills in calculating probability and triangles, and engineering prowess in making the actual game components in the lab. The culmination of this project will be a game that is targeted at a middle…

10 11 12

How Real is the Ebola Epidemic? STEM Integrated Project

This project aims to educate students on the facts about the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). It also discusses the issues surrounding the disease and its implications on the health services and protocol in West Africa and the United States. This project can be finished in 2-3 weeks depending on the depth of discussion in class. Each lesson has an asses…

9 10 11 12

Healthy Lifestyle Stem Integrated Project

This unit focuses on the various components of a healthy lifestyle which include nutrition and exercise and their benefits to body systems/homeostasis. Moreover, students will research the adverse effects of poor health choices in conjunction with the critical analysis of The Great Gatsby. The culminating project: Student teams will research, cre…

10 11 12

Intellectual Property: Copyright or Copywrong? STEM Integrated Project

Students will be introduced to the various ethical dilemmas and real-world impact for many industries from the concept of intellectual property. The culminating project is to create a found piece of art (a music video where the music, video, lyrics, and graphic art are all sourced from other artists' original works). This project will take approxim…

9 10 11 12

Where Does My Food Come From? STEM Integrated Project

This is a 2-3 week unit in which students will explore where the food they eat on a regular basis comes from, is grown and processed. In the process, they will learn to read critically, check and read the labels of their food, write a short research paper and a business letter seeking a real world change or info. The Culminating assessments w…

9 10 11 12

One Energy to Rule Them All? STEM Integrated Project

One Energy to Rule them All? Students will investigate and explore conventional energy sources. In response to a specific energy challenge, students will work in teams to deliver a presentation on the “best” application of energy sources. Students who participate in this project will acquire and accurately use Engineering sector terminology and …

9 10 11 12

Tell Me a Story: Storytelling using Photos and Graphic Design PBL Project

"Tell me a story" takes students through a journey of hands-on learning about storytelling through photography, graphic design, and videography. In these lessons, students will be taught key points in telling compelling stories then, challenged to use their creativity and critical thinking to demonstrate techniques of effective non verbally and ver…

9 10 11 12

Designing your Perfect Room: Photoshop and Photography (CTE)

Students will learn about about designing rooms, and then use photography and photoshop to create a "perfect room" that captures a glimpse of the story of their life.

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