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Disaster Plan - Presentation Proposal (Part 2 of 2) (Health)

This is the culmination of Part 1 of this lesson on planning for a school-wide disaster. Students will present their School Disaster Plan based on natural disasters or hazards that may threaten their school to a community audience.


Photographic Self-Portrait - Media Design 2 PBL and STEM Integrated Project

Students create photographic self-portraits that visually communicate who they are, as well as send some kind of a message. Programs and Equipment Used: -Photoshop to edit photos -High Quality cameras -Tripods Activities Include: -Learning about portraiture and self-portraiture -Planning and Photographing image -Introduction to basic Photoshop ed…


Corporate Branding and Identity Development - Media Design 2 PBL Project

In this project students will use the logos they developed in the previous "Logo Development and Design" unit to create an original corporate identity kit that expands on the design elements within their logos to create an entire corporate identity media kit. Students will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign to create their final elements. T…


Logo Development and Design - Media Design 2 PBL Project

In this project, students will research the history of logos and logo design, learn about what makes an effective logo design, and develop and create their own original logo design. Students will move from designing logos with pencil and paper and move on to creating polished and high quality final digital artwork. Students will use Adobe Illustrat…


PSA: "Texting While..." - Digital Media Design 2 PBL Project

In this project students will have the opportunity to learn about the History and use of Public Service Announcements and create their own PSA based on the topic : "Texting While..." Student's final projects will be aired on local educational channel, on school website and in school display. This project's activities include sections on Compositi…


Juxtapose Collage With Adobe Photoshop - Media Design 2 PBL Project

In this hands-on introductory project, students will learn basic skills in image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop and how to use digital media to convey concepts in design, such as juxtaposition. Students will learn the digital collage process through a guided demonstration of Photoshop's Layers and Selection Tools, then work through individual t…


Ultimate Book Cover with Illustrator - Media Design 2 PBL Project

Students will learn and understand the basics of Illustrator and artboard options to recreate a set of 10 iconic book covers within the last 100 years. This project is hands-on and highly production-oriented. Students will be given a list of 30-50 popular/iconic books from the last century and are to choose a minimum of at least 10 covers to redes…


Graphic Animals for a Zoo - Media Design 2 PBL Project

After "Illustrator Practice" unit, students work in groups to design a cohesive set of animal graphics that a zoo can use on their website, on merchandise, for signage in front of exhibits, etc. A fictitious zoo called "True Zoo" has written to the students requesting their assistance on the designs and has provided some guidelines. Students pitch …


Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Model

This is a Project-Based course focusing on the use of current industry software [ex. Final Cut Pro] in digital video editing and production. Units will be designed around the creation of projects for students to design, build, create, or perform. Video Production is one of two capstone courses in a high school course series (Media Design 2, M…


Shhhhhh, A Film Without Dialogue - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

This unit will help students use filming constraints to develop better storytelling, cinematography and editing skills. By placing constraints on the students when creating videos, the educator will enable the student to think creatively about the solutions to the problem of reaching the audience in creative ways. The culmination will be a stude…


Post Production Audio - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students will be introduced to advance audio production techniques, including foley, ADR and ambience. Students will develop and design a 3-5 minute film in which all audio will be produced after the production has been filmed. Students who excel in this project will be exposed to careers in the industry such as foley artist, ADR editor/mixer and…


PSAs: Advanced Script Work - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video as if it is a "Message to the President," addressing an issue that they want to receive attention. In doing so students research the necessary information for their script, including online and library resources, interviews with appropriate persons, and local connections. They create a deta…


Montage Technique: Advanced Editing - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students create videos that employ the contemporary documentary technique of montage, using footage from two different groups, highlighting responses to given prompts. Montage technique emphasizes careful editing to construct a narrative out of related but discontinuous video interviews. Montage Makes Meaning - Intro 1 Class Period Montage script …

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