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Visual Research, Development & Design - Advanced Animation PBL Project

An animation production, regardless of style, technique, or length, will require a great deal of visual research, development and design. The early stages of production will typically require the designing and planning of characters, environments, architeture, and visual effects. The process of developing the look and feel of an animation producti…


Background - Advanced Animation PBL Project

Background artists take the storyboard and layout and produce final backgrounds. Final Backgrounds are fully colored and detailed, and they are the final images that appear in a project. The Background artist can work in traditional pens/paper and/or paint or the new digital media world. Regardless of tools they should be able to consider light an…


Sound and Story - Advanced Animation PBL Project

In this unit the students will learn about the importance and development of sound design for animation. The following lessons they will provide an understanding of the historical aspects and elements of sound design, discover how sound is applied and created for various types of animated films, and the students will develop their own soundtrack fo…


Rough and Key Animation - Advanced Animation PBL Project

The following unit will cover the concept of rough and key and how it applies to animation. Using principles of design, principles of animation, and composition the students will set the stage for the characters, place them in 3D space and place a camera in the scene to begin blocking out shots. Through the rough and key animation process students…


Layout - Advanced Animation PBL Project

Introduction to Layout: Layout is a question of drawing and background is a question of painting. Another way to say it is that layout is like designing a set which supports all the action in the story. The relationship between the characters' actions and the background is the focus of the layout artist, so the layout artist must study both the Ch…


Idea and Pitch - Advanced Animation Design PBL Project

All great productions start with an idea. Coming up with a production idea is a challenging stage for anyone. This Unit covers the many aspects of idea development, refinement and organization. Through the lessons provided students willl be able to bring their ideas to life through brainstorming, storyboard development, scripting, and pitching thei…


Storyboard - Advanced Animation PBL Project

Storyboarding is a step in video and film production of all kinds from TV commercials to music videos to feature films. Storyboards are almost always used in animation and special effect shots and often also used in live action production. The final project of this unit is the production of a storyboard from the script of a play. Students will con…


Character Design - Advanced Animation PBL Project

Animation productions are about bringing appealing characters to life. The characters can be humorous, cute, villainous, beautiful, or ugly, but regardless they must appeal to the audience. This unit covers the skills, methods and approaches of developing character designs for an animation production. Students will be designing, developing, and cre…

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It's A Wrap: Design Your Own Cell Phone Skin STEM Integrated Project

It's all about expressing yourself when you talk, text or surf the web on your cell phone! How your cell phone looks can be considered an extension of your personality and should be as unique as you are. Cell phone skins are on demand and are the new way of creating unique and artistic ways of standing out from the crowd. In this unit, students lea…

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Microbial Organisms in a Microcosm STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will learn about the ubiquitous nature of microorganisms, the conditions that foster growth of organisms and the sometimes negative effects. This unit is intended to be an Interdisciplinary approach to microorganisms. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in Biote…

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The Epic Epidemiological Examination STEM Integrated Project

This unit dives deep into a journey that examines basic characteristics of viruses, introduces the concept of index cases and patient zero and elicits the importance of ELISA testing in case identification. It illuminates human tragedy and the impact of an array of public health epidemics that transformed approaches in disease prevention and interv…

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Disaster Plan - Presentation Proposal (Part 2 of 2) (Health)

This is the culmination of Part 1 of this lesson on planning for a school-wide disaster. Students will present their School Disaster Plan based on natural disasters or hazards that may threaten their school to a community audience.

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