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Illustrator Practice - Media Design 2 PBL Project

Students are introduced to the basic tools in Illustrator. Programs used: -Adobe Illustrator -Activities include: Raster vs Vector Introduction to Illustrator and focus on using pen tool in Illustrator Creating a unique character Outcome is students creating their own unique character in Illustrator. Skills covered in this project are used in th…


Persuasive Commercial - Media Design 2 PBL Project

This is a 4 week project enabling students to apply their persuasive writing skills acquired in English class. Students will have the opportunity to choose a product that they will "sell" through a storytelling technique. This project can be a pure filmmaking project or depending on where students are at in their curriculum a mix of live action, an…


Movie Trailer Production - Media Design 2 PBL Project

Students will be creating a 3 minute trailer. Story PG. Students focus will be writing a script, shooting and editing footage to create a dynamic trailer for a movie. Students will also create an opening title sequence to accompany trailer. Students may work in small teams of 2-4 students. Students will demonstrate the use of editing techniques …


Mobile App Design - Media Design 2 PBL Project

In this unit project, students will be creating a mobile application using Photoshop. This will not be a functioning app, but the students will be creating 4 different screens that display continuity and creativity throughout. Approximately 4 - 5 weeks


Trifold Brochure in Illustrator - Media Design 2 PBL Project

Brochures are a great way to give people a lot of information in a concise, well designed document. Students will choose from one of the topics given to create a compelling and stunning brochure. There are many different styles of brochures, but in this project, students will be creating a trifold Z folding brochure. It's a little more complicated,…

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Disaster Plan - Presentation Proposal (Part 2 of 2) (Health)

This is the culmination of Part 1 of this lesson on planning for a school-wide disaster. Students will present their School Disaster Plan based on natural disasters or hazards that may threaten their school to a community audience.


Photographic Self-Portrait - Media Design 2 PBL and STEM Integrated Project

Students create photographic self-portraits that visually communicate who they are, as well as send some kind of a message. Programs and Equipment Used: -Photoshop to edit photos -High Quality cameras -Tripods Activities Include: -Learning about portraiture and self-portraiture -Planning and Photographing image -Introduction to basic Photoshop ed…

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