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Employment Portfolio Unit

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job. The areas are: * Job Applications * Resumes *Job Interviews This unit is brought to you by Anita Homesley, with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

9 10 11 12

Roller Coasters and the Progressive Era STEM Integrated Project

Students will build rollercoasters in groups of three, incorporating their knowledge of energy transfer from potential to kinetic, using logical and low-cost materials such as wood, wires, string, twine, cardboard, and/or glue. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History, English L…

10 11 12

Sustainable Redwood Furniture Design STEM Integrated Project

This project is designed to show students the connection of sustainable forestry management with sustainable use of lumber as a building material and how it ties with a successful business plan. Students will learn what it means to properly manage a forest's timber resources to ensure long term benefits for the environment while meeting the demand…

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What's in Your Water? PBL Project

Students will investigate the water in their community, while learning about how water is formed, and where their water is found in the ground and above ground. Students will conduct experiments to determine what exactly is in their water within their community by doing a water analysis. This unit is brought to you by Deborah Hughes (CTE) with s…

10 11 12

Sedimentary Rocks (Unit 2.1) PBL Project

This project contains four lessons covering the types of rocks, the rock cycle, the breakdown of sedimentary rock, and the basic formation of soil. This unit is brought to you by Cherie Shook (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

10 11 12

Sustainable Agriculture: Leaving a Legacy PBL Project

Students will design and build a sustainable agriculture project on our school farm. Students will explore the principles of sustainable agriculture, analyze trends and laws and their impacts. Students will also learn about the grant writing process and write grants to secure funding for their projects. The structure of this unit and the material…

9 10 11 12

Where Does My Food Come From? STEM Integrated Project

This is a 2-3 week unit in which students will explore where the food they eat on a regular basis comes from, is grown and processed. In the process, they will learn to read critically, check and read the labels of their food, write a short research paper and a business letter seeking a real world change or info. The Culminating assessments w…

9 10 11 12

California Agricultural Record Book

This 10-15 hour unit contains lessons on components, entering information, completing the record book as well as how to use the record book for awards and recognition.

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FFA Issues and Topics

This unit contains lessons about the aim, purpose, history and structure of the FFA. Other lessons are about the opportunities in FFA such as awards, contests (career development opportunities), leadership opportunities and conferences.

Creating a Public Health Plan PBL Project

This project consists of a series of four lesson plans and serves as an introduction to the fundamental functions of the public health system. The relationship between the public health system and individual health will also be evaluated through the lens of public health best practices and procedures. The Public Health Plan project provides studen…

9 10 11 12

Yes, We Care! Safe and Humane Livestock Production PBL Project

Problem: What are the roles of livestock producers in producing a safe food supply that is produced with humane livestock practices and environmental stewardship? Students will examine the food safety continuum as it pertains to livestock production, biosecurity measures for a productive livestock farm or ranch, become aware of consumer concerns…

9 10 11 12

Genetics and Agriculture (SAB3.1 c&d) PBL Project

Genetics are an incredibly important aspect of Agriculture. In order to use genetics to our advantage, we must first understand how they are passed from parents to offspring, how they are expressed, and even how the environment can affect them. This project helps students identify the difference between dominant and recessive traits while understan…

9 10 11 12

Battle of the Seeds: Biotechnology Use in Agriculture (SAB3.3) PBL Project

Crop decisions made by agricultural producers require an understanding of the climate, rainfall and topography of their area. In these lessons, students will explore the introduction of new plants into predetermined, consistent ecosystems. The students will investigate how germination, growth and efficiency of plants can be affected by genetic and …

9 10 11 12

The Science Behind Agriculture - Creating Mini Labs PBL Project

Student groups will design and complete an inquiry based mini-lab experiment to expand on their knowledge of the particular industry sector they researched from the previous activity. Choosing a focus from one of the areas of concern or issues within their sector, students will then design and implement an experiment that tests factors contributing…

9 10 11 12

Do the Rot Thing: Waste Management PBL Project

Problem: How can an agriculturalist regenerate ecosystems as well as return nutrients to the soil to benefit plant growth in a natural way with the interaction of the food and fiber systems in conjunction with natural cycles, while eliminating organic matter ? Students will examine the principle of composting organic material, and the process of…

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