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Sustainable Agriculture: Leaving a Legacy PBL Project

Students will design and build a sustainable agriculture project on our school farm. Students will explore the principles of sustainable agriculture, analyze trends and laws and their impacts. Students will also learn about the grant writing process and write grants to secure funding for their projects. The structure of this unit and the material…

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Where Does My Food Come From? STEM Integrated Project

This is a 2-3 week unit in which students will explore where the food they eat on a regular basis comes from, is grown and processed. In the process, they will learn to read critically, check and read the labels of their food, write a short research paper and a business letter seeking a real world change or info. The Culminating assessments w…

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California Agricultural Record Book

This 10-15 hour unit contains lessons on components, entering information, completing the record book as well as how to use the record book for awards and recognition.

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Employment Portfolio Unit

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job. The areas are: * Job Applications * Resumes *Job Interviews This unit is brought to you by Anita Homesley, with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

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FFA Issues and Topics

This unit contains lessons about the aim, purpose, history and structure of the FFA. Other lessons are about the opportunities in FFA such as awards, contests (career development opportunities), leadership opportunities and conferences.

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The Absolute Yes and No in Caring for Patients PBL Project

The absolute “YES” and “NO” in caring for patients is very important and crucial. Medical Assistant students need to assist Physicians not only with the medical tasks and procedures, but also with the best efforts to magnify the “NO HARM” to patients and the “NO LAWSUIT” to Physicians. This project consists of four lesson plans, which are suscept…

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Refugee Crisis - STEM Integrated Project

Syrian refugees are in urgent need of health and hygiene supplies. These lessons provide students with the knowledge needed to prepare students to give a school-wide presentation on the needs of a refugee. The Health CTE Lessons include: - Refugee Crisis: A Historical Review - Proper Nutrition for a Refugee - Protecting Mental Health and Privacy …

There's an App for That! STEM Integrated Project

Mobile devices, like smart phones are changing our lives. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way we think and communicate. In the palm of our hands, we can access information anywhere. The numbers of apps available are staggering. If you have a tablet or phone, you have an app on it. Creating an app is a new tool for 21st century students. The mob…

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Virtual Reality and the Immigrant Crisis STEM Integrated Project

This project will explore the dynamics of immigration, and the impact that immigrants have on populations, using a multidisciplinary approach (Graph Communication, Math, World Languages and Biology). In Graphic Design, students will explore the issues related to immigration. Exploration will include why people move to a new country, city, state; w…

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Safety and Sanitation - Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

The foundation of food service and hospitality services. Using industry standards to teach "Food Code" students will understand, demonstrate and apply principles of food safety and sanitation on a daily basis in labs, activities and all applications through the flow of food. Students will understand national, state and local agencies responsible fo…

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Changing the World, One Documentary at a Time PBL Project

In this project, students learn about documentary filmmaking while independently producing a documentary film. Each student will create a 3 to 6-minute informational documentary that offers a perspective on real world events while possibly prompting a call to action. Students begin by identifying a subject and creating a thesis. Students then c…


Montage Technique: Advanced Editing - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students create videos that employ the contemporary documentary technique of montage, using footage from two different groups, highlighting responses to given prompts. Montage technique emphasizes careful editing to construct a narrative out of related but discontinuous video interviews. Montage Makes Meaning - Intro 1 Class Period Montage script …


Shhhhhh, A Film Without Dialogue - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

This unit will help students use filming constraints to develop better storytelling, cinematography and editing skills. By placing constraints on the students when creating videos, the educator will enable the student to think creatively about the solutions to the problem of reaching the audience in creative ways. The culmination will be a stude…


Post Production Audio - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students will be introduced to advance audio production techniques, including foley, ADR and ambience. Students will develop and design a 3-5 minute film in which all audio will be produced after the production has been filmed. Students who excel in this project will be exposed to careers in the industry such as foley artist, ADR editor/mixer and…


PSAs: Advanced Script Work - Advanced Digital Video Production PBL Project

Students create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video as if it is a "Message to the President," addressing an issue that they want to receive attention. In doing so students research the necessary information for their script, including online and library resources, interviews with appropriate persons, and local connections. They create a deta…

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