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Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Common Legal Terms

In this lesson, students will review legal terms commonly used in court decisions and police reports.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Law Enforcement: Spelling Dictionary

Students compose a list of words that they have trouble spelling and make a ready reference that they can use when writing reports and essays. It will save the student's time and potential embarrassment if they don't have to rely on Spell Check to catch their mistakes.

Creation of the Environmental Impact Report

In this project, students will develop an Environmental Impact Report by analyzing a site before a construction project is being proposed. In this lesson, students will inform the community and city officials of the impacts before we place "that" there.

9 10 11 12

Completing a Website using Google Sites

This is the final lesson of four. In this lesson, students will be building their websites. They have learned how to use Google Sites in the previous lesson, so they will put it all together to create an awesome website.

9 10 11 12

Using Google Sites to Build a Website

Students will learn how to use Google Sites to build a webpage for their business they selected. The are not expected to become an expert in the software, but should develop enough skills to make a professional-looking site.

9 10 11 12

Choosing Images and Products for your Website

This lesson will help guide students through the process of organizing their webpages, choosing the right services and products for their business and choosing the right images for their site.

9 10 11 12

Choosing a Business for a Website

In this lesson, students will begin to research a potential business of their choice for a website they will create.

10 11 12

"Spark" a New Story

Finding new, innovative and easy software to exhibit one's work is becoming easier and easier. Adobe Spark gives students the opportunities to blend a host of media with graphics and words to tell one of a kind stories for all skill levels.

10 11 12

Pictures of Us: Cultural Identity

Technology and the prevalence of connected devices enable advertisers to reach out to us individually more than ever. Companies spend huge sums of dollars marketing to us and because of a heightened sense of culture more and more advertisers are looking to expand markets based on cultural identity. This has led to both breakthroughs and controvers…

10 11 12

Your Story: Finding Cultural Beginnings

Even though we have to check a box that identifies us racially, our cultural identity is deeper, more emotional, and rooted within our community. But nothing is more held dear than our connections to our families. These bonds have impacts both on stories we create and how we color the information given to us.

Photo / Essay

Combining photos and written work engages an audience in a deeper connection of subject material. This lesson's focal point is on story, both visual and written. Mixed together they create a powerful messaging tool.

Making a "Blue" Print - Creating a Cyanotype Print

Warning, you are going to need water, lots of sunlight and a good negative to produce blue cyanotype prints. But, there's no need for a darkroom-- contact printing can be accomplished right in your classroom! All you need to know is the UV sensitive contact printing process and a negative the same size as the final print. Using Photoshop the 4x5 ne…

9 10 11 12

Old Meets New - Creating a Photogram

“If it lets light through, it will turn blue. If it blocks out light, it will stay white." Can students make camera-less photos? All you need is a little water and a lot of sun. But the first step in making a photogram is understanding negative and positive space.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Rules of the Road

Using a series of videos produced by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the substitute helps the students explore the rules of the road without having to be an expert in the field.

Substitute Lesson Plan for Administration of Justice: Developing a Personal Glossary

The following are activities that you can assign to your students through the substitute teacher that will further your student's learning, maintain discipline and foster a creative, positive attitude. In this first lesson the student makes their own glossary.

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