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9 10 11 12

9 10 11 12

Antibiotic Resistance (Science)

With the health concerns about antibiotic resistance in the news world wide, this lesson presents and engages students in the problem of antibiotic resistance.

11 12

Customer Service and Training (CTE)

In this lesson students from the computer repair class will work with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class. The students are working on customer service and communication skills.

9 10 11 12

Design, Model, Draft (CTE)

Lesson 2: This lesson is to focus on design and modeling. The students will work in groups developing a set of drawings for their design of the metal testing machine, which they will make in proceeding lessons. This will include model making and CAD work.

9 10 11

Energy Choices (CTE)

Students will build upon their understanding of energy conversion, while exploring the economic, environmental and security impacts of our nation's energy choices.

11 12

Introducing Ethos and the Awareness Event concept (ELA)

Country Joe McDonald kicks off this first lesson with his iconic performance at Woodstock. Students identify the concept of an awareness event, and then look for ethos in Joe McDonald's performance, their teacher and themselves.

9 10 11 12

Monetizing Wordpress #1 - Niche Selection

With the advent of blogging, there has evolved different ways to monetize your website. We explore a few ways to make money on the internet using a simple Wordpress site.

Personal Budget - For Zombie Survival (CTE)

Students will make critical budget decisions by creating a budget plan for their Zombie Survival. They will need to wait out the Apocalypse for at least 12 months.

11 12

Use of Stem Cells to Treat Disease (CTE)

Students explore the background and informed consent materials for a clinical trial from a patient point of view, then do independent research to create an info-graphic for an existing stem cell clinical trial.

11 12

Using the Mousetrap Car to Understand Calculus: Area Under the Curve (Math)

In this lesson, the students will explore the area under the velocity curve to verify that this represents the distance traveled by the mousetrap car.


Wartorn (History)

In this lesson students will explore the different perspectives of PTSD and other war traumas; they will learn about the different types of PTSD, and consider a therapeutic garden as a form of treatment.

9 10 11

Which Energy Sources Will Power Our Future Cities? (CTE)

Students will explore the future of sustainable city design, while working in teams to propose an energy portfolio for their city.

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