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Zombie Volume (Math)

Students will design a 3D structure given constraints, requiring them to determine volume and surface area of various 3D figures.

Zombie Triangulation (Math)

Students make their own measuring device for determining distances to objects using the properties of triangles (triangulation).

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Zombie Growth (Math)

Exponential Growth using a zombie apocalype virus as a context..

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Your Story: Finding Cultural Beginnings

Even though we have to check a box that identifies us racially, our cultural identity is deeper, more emotional, and rooted within our community. But nothing is more held dear than our connections to our families. These bonds have impacts both on stories we create and how we color the information given to us.

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Your Life, Your Movie Poster (CTE)

Students will learn about story structure and movie posters then create a movie poster and featuring their story.

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You Can Choose Your Home, but You Can't Choose Your Family: Environmental & Sex-Linked Effects on Genetics (CTE)

Lesson 2 of 4: Once students have an understanding of dominant and recessive traits, it is important for them to learn the different factors that can have an affect on the outcomes of those traits. This lesson is designed to teach students about the effects the environment has on the expression of traits. It also introduces them to sex limited and …

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X,Y Coordinate Mapping of Sprites in Scratch (CTE)

Students will graph points on the Cartesian coordinate system for building a Scratch project with the Vitruvian Man. Students will use these coordinates to map out the anatomical parts of the human anatomy.

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