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Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Common Legal Terms

In this lesson, students will review legal terms commonly used in court decisions and police reports.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Rules of the Road

Using a series of videos produced by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the substitute helps the students explore the rules of the road without having to be an expert in the field.

Super-Empowering Your Substitute Lesson Series

Super-empowering Your Substitute: This is a series of lesson plans that are designed for teachers to use when they require a substitute. The activities will be easily modified to meet needs in either forensic science or law enforcement; however, the thinking behind the activities will allow any teacher to adapt them to their discipline. Lesson 1:…

Substitute Lesson Plans for Law Enforcement: Spelling Dictionary

Students compose a list of words that they have trouble spelling and make a ready reference that they can use when writing reports and essays. It will save the student's time and potential embarrassment if they don't have to rely on Spell Check to catch their mistakes.

Substitute Lesson Plan for Administration of Justice: Developing a Personal Glossary

The following are activities that you can assign to your students through the substitute teacher that will further your student's learning, maintain discipline and foster a creative, positive attitude. In this first lesson the student makes their own glossary.

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Employment Portfolio Unit

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job. The areas are: * Job Applications * Resumes *Job Interviews This unit is brought to you by Anita Homesley, with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

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