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9 10 11 12

Antibiotic Resistance (Science)

With the health concerns about antibiotic resistance in the news world wide, this lesson presents and engages students in the problem of antibiotic resistance.

9 10

Are We Ready? Writing an Informative Essay

This introductory lesson will use Informational Reading & Writing Standards to introduce students to being prepared for natural disasters, especially earthquakes in California and write an informative essay detailing the importance of being prepared. This lesson is a part of an Interdisciplinary Project titled "The Big One is Coming- Planning for a…

10 11 12 A

Calculating Simple Interest

Students will calculate simple interest based on bank loans when purchasing a car.

9 10 11 12

Careers in Robotics- Now and the Future

Students have been to the past and the present, and will continue the "Journey of Discovery" to understand education, training and certifications needed to land their dream job in the Robotics Industry.

11 12

Customer Service and Training (CTE)

In this lesson students from the computer repair class will work with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class. The students are working on customer service and communication skills.

9 10 11 12

Design, Model, Draft (CTE)

Lesson 2: This lesson is to focus on design and modeling. The students will work in groups developing a set of drawings for their design of the metal testing machine, which they will make in proceeding lessons. This will include model making and CAD work.

9 10 11

Energy Choices (CTE)

Students will build upon their understanding of energy conversion, while exploring the economic, environmental and security impacts of our nation's energy choices.

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Hurricane Development (Science)

Hurricane season occurs every year. Sometimes it's a mild season and sometimes it's devastating. The 2017 hurricane season was an example of a devastating year. In these lessons, students will learn about how hurricanes form and the factors that contribute to the intensity of recent hurricanes. They will design a solution to mitigate the effects of…

11 12

Introducing Ethos and the Awareness Event concept (ELA)

Country Joe McDonald kicks off this first lesson with his iconic performance at Woodstock. Students identify the concept of an awareness event, and then look for ethos in Joe McDonald's performance, their teacher and themselves.

9 10 11 12

Introduction to Google Apps

This is the first of four lessons. This lesson will teach an introduction for the use of some of the Google Apps, specifically Google Forms, Google Maps and Google Slideshow. Students will be shown how these tools are used as real world applications.

9 10 11 12

Monetizing Wordpress #1 - Niche Selection

With the advent of blogging, there has evolved different ways to monetize your website. We explore a few ways to make money on the internet using a simple Wordpress site.

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