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Substitute Lesson Plans for Law Enforcement: Spelling Dictionary

Students compose a list of words that they have trouble spelling and make a ready reference that they can use when writing reports and essays. It will save the student's time and potential embarrassment if they don't have to rely on Spell Check to catch their mistakes.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Common Legal Terms

In this lesson, students will review legal terms commonly used in court decisions and police reports.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Administration of Justice: Rules of the Road

Using a series of videos produced by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the substitute helps the students explore the rules of the road without having to be an expert in the field.

Substitute Lesson Plan for Administration of Justice: Developing a Personal Glossary

The following are activities that you can assign to your students through the substitute teacher that will further your student's learning, maintain discipline and foster a creative, positive attitude. In this first lesson the student makes their own glossary.

9 10 11 12 A C

Forensic Anthropology- Age of Skeletal Remains

Farmer Joe and his daughter's mystery continues... Knowing the sex of the remains (4-6 victims) and now their potential height has given the Lab Criminalists new leads on missing persons reported in two major cities. This "dump site" is starting to be recognized as a major find of criminal activity and now the homicide detectives are actively inv…

10 11 12 A C

Forensic Anthropology- Sex of Skeletal Remains

Distinct features adapted for childbearing distinguish adult females from males. Other bones, specifically on the skull, also have features that can indicate sex, though less reliably. This set of lesson plans (1 of 4) is assuming a maximum of six teams of students, 5 to 6 members each (Evidence Collection Technicians, ECTs)

9 10 11 12 A C

Forensic Anthropology- Height of Skeletal Remains

Farmer Joe and his daughter have located three sites with skeletal remains. Upon examination to identify sex from skulls and pelvic bones, the six boxes accounted for at least four different victims. No local missing persons reports have shed light on identities. Now the crime lab technicians (Criminalists) will seek to confirm heights to help I…

9 10 11 12 A C

Forensic Anthropology- Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Skeletal remains from possibly six victims have been analyzed and sex has been determined from the six boxes. Three boxes had torsos and limbs and three boxes had just skulls. Height has also been estimated and lastly age from the skulls. Now, we need some defining evidence to assist the detectives in matching the remains with missing person…

Writing a Crime Scene Cookbook Covering Scene Security, Photography and Diagramming (CTE)

This lesson shows the student how to combine writing, forensic science and investigative techniques into a complete criminal investigation that is clearly documented and explained.

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