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Digital Darkroom: Photoshop and Photography PBL Project
9 10 11 12

Digital Darkroom: Photoshop and Photography PBL Project

In this series of lessons, students will learn how photography and the digital processes in Photoshop merge to enhance our creative and problem solving abilities. Students will learn about and create double and multiple exposures using digital methods, try their hand at rendering compelling HDRI images using multiple exposures, then move onto cre…

10 11 12
9 10 11 12

Artistic Multiple Exposure Portrait

In this capstone project, students will plan out and develop their own creative multiple exposure portrait using digital cameras, Adobe Photoshop and their own imagination to tell a story. A guided demonstration with step by step instructions is provided for student success with additional tutorials for exploration. To demonstrate mastery, students…

Double and Multiple Exposures - You Will Be Beside Yourself (Literally)

In this project-based lesson, students will develop and create double and multiple exposure photographs using digital image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop.

9 10 11 12

High Dynamic Range Imagery - Capture More than the Eye can See

In this project-based lesson, students will learn how the HDR method can capture more light in a photograph, as much as the human eye can see or more. This is the second lesson in making the connection between photographic processes, digital image manipulation and achieving artistic results through photography.

9 10 11 12

The Brenizer Method AKA Bokehrama: Large Format Images on a Small Format Budget!

This hands on lesson will introduce and guide students in the process of creating a panoramic stitch to mimic a large format image. Popularized by Ryan Brenizer, it has become a popular method for portrait, auto and wedding photography. This process uses standard equipment to replicate the large format look, this is a great project for creating com…

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