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9 10 11 12 A

Designing A Child's Toy Maze

In this lesson 3 of 5, students will design a child's toy maze. They design it, so that it can be manufactured on a Vertical Milling Machine Center. Their design will be limited to 15 vertical and horizontal lines.

9 10 11 12 A

Machining the Child's Maze Toy

This lesson, 4 of 5, is where the student actually makes some chips. Students will lay out their design on the material. Using the Vertical Milling machine, students will then set up and cut their maze designs.

9 10 11 12 A

The Final Assembly and Time to Play

This is the final lesson, 5 of 5, of the child's toy maze project. Students will assemble and finish the Maze.

9 10 11 12 A

Milling Machine - Create a Toy Maze PBL Project

This project is an introductory/familiarization project for students using a manual milling machine. Using a manual mill, student will design and machine a small child's toy maze. The main objective is for students to learn how to setup and machine a simple part. Students will learn the basics of running a Bridgeport style mill, including, tool s…

9 10 11 12 A

Manual Milling Machine (VMC) Safety and Operation

Before you can operate this large machine, you need to understand how it works and how it can bite you. In the second lesson of five, safety considerations of a Manual Milling Machine as well as the basic operation a Vertical Milling Machine will be instructed.

9 10 11 12 A

Manual Milling Machine - Analysis of a BB

This is an introductory lesson, (1 of 5) for the Manual Milling Machine Children Toy Maze. In this lesson, students will research and calculate the basic information needed for the design and manufacturing of the maze. This lesson covers design consideration, tool selections, and feed and speed.

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