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Run For Your Life...Or Even Walk! (CTE)

In this lesson students will learn how participating in regular physical activity and exercise can have a direct benefit to the health of the human body. This is the second lesson in the Healthy Lifestyle Project (CTE component). At the conclusion of the lesson students will create a 3-4 minute "infomercial" on the benefits of physical activity. Th…


Why Choose a Healthy Lifestyle? Culminating Project (CTE)

This lesson is presented to students in order to guide and instruct them in the culminating project for the integrated lesson, Healthy Lifestyles Education Project.

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Understanding Diabetes And Its Complications

In this 1st of 4 lessons, students are introduced to the deadly disease called diabetes mellitus. Subsequent lessons will address what the link is between diabetes and food, what a proper nutritional plate looks like, creating a healthy shopping list and meal.

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: A Healthy Eating Plan (CTE)

A healthy eating plan includes foods that supply the amounts and types of nutrients the body needs to be healthy. Learn how to make smart "healthy" food choices while creating a balanced diet.

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Using a "Pregnancy Calculator" Wheel

A "Pregnancy Calculator" wheel is fun to make and use. In this lesson your students will be able to make and use a calculator.

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Sleep Deprivation (CTE)

This lesson is the first in a series of lessons focusing on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Students will participate in a sleep survey which will help determine if they are sleep deprived. The physiological and psychological impacts of sleep deprivation are reviewed. Additionally, the hours of sleep required by age is presented and d…

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Anatomy In Clay: The Respiratory System (CTE)

Students will explore the structure of the Respiratory System and then build one out of clay.

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What's in a Vape? (CTE)

Students will evaluate the physical structure of an E-Cig and evaluate its inherent health implications.

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To Vape or Not to Vape? (CTE)

This is the last of a four-lesson series and entails the culminating project. Students will create and present their campaigns on Vapor Cigarettes to a local community group.

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